Advanced Migration to AWS


Lab exercises for this advanced 300-level course are designed for solutions architects, systems operators, application administrators, and migration specialists, who are looking to build migration factories, and modernize legacy applications by migrating them to container-based solutions.

By completing these exercises, you will learn how to:

  1. Use CloudEndure Migration Factory to migrate servers to the AWS Cloud
  2. Employ best practices to containerize applications by using App2Container

Estimated time to complete the exercises:

  1. Setup: 30 minutes
  2. Migration Factory: 2 hours
  3. Application to containers: 1 hour

Using your own AWS account

You can use your own AWS account to perform the lab exercises. By using your own AWS account:

  • You can practice outside the time allotted to the course
  • You keep the artifacts that you build during the labs.

However, you incur charges to your AWS account. Follow these instructions for more information.